Metrology Products

Martin Calibration offers an extensive array of hand tools and metrology products. We utilize the vast majority of the equipment we sell in the actual calibration services we provide. Because of this you can be assured the products you purchase from Martin Calibration will get the job done right. Our experienced staff will guide through the process of determining the right product solution for your needs.

Angle Plates, Vee Blocks

  • Suburban Tool

CMM Probes, Carbide and Ruby Probes

  • Carbide Probes
  • Renishaw

CMM, Optive Systems

Column Gages, Cylindrical Gages


  • Extech Digital

Digital Multimeters

  • Radio Shack

Electronic Indicators

  • Ono-Sokki

Electronic Measurement Instruments

  • Agilent
  • BK Precision
  • Bruel & Kjaer
  • Fluke
  • Tektronix
  • Tenma

Flow Meters and Mass Controllers

  • Aalborg
  • Alicat

Force Gages

  • Mark-10

Force Measurement

  • Chatillon
  • Imada

Gears Standards and Measuring Systems

  • Invospline

Granite Surface Plates & Accessories

  • Tru-Stone

Granite Surface Places, Gage Blocks & Accessories

  • Webber Gage

Hardness Test Patches

  • Sun-Tech

Hardness Testers-Berness, Rockwell, Superficial

  • Clark

Load Cells and Load Cell Display

  • Honeywell
  • Interface

Load Cells and Temperature

  • Omega

Measuring Measurement

Optical Comparator Charts and Screens

  • Visual Precision


  • Grieve

PH Meters and Probes

  • Myron

Plain Plug and Ring Gages

  • Vermont

Plain Plug Gage Sets & Go/NoGo Assemblies

  • Meyer Gage

Plug Gages

  • Deltronic

Precision Bore Gages

  • Diatest

Precision gages

Precision Measuring Equipment

Rockwell Hardness Blocks

  • Starr-Chek


  • Metler Toledo
  • Ohaus

Software Calibration

  • IndySoft

Specialty Measuring Instruments

  • Dorsey Gage
  • Dyer
  • Mueller

Surface Finish and Roundnesss

  • Taylor Hobson

Surface Finish Measuring Equipment

  • Precision Devices

Stereo Microscopes/Measuring Microscopes

Temperature Meters and Probes

  • Dostmann

Thickness Measurement

  • Elcometer

Thread and Cylindrical Gages

  • Gage Assembly

Thread and Depth Measuring Gages

  • Leitech

Thread Wires, Plain Plug and Ring Gages

  • Van Keuren

Torque Wrenches

  • Proto
  • Stahlwille
  • Sturdevant

Torque Wrenches and Torque Calibration Systems

  • CDI

Ultra-Sonic Cleaners

  • L&R

Ultra-Sonic Cleaners and Solutions

  • Branson

Weighing Systems, Weights, Scales, and Balances

  • Rice Lake