Calibration for the Aerospace Industry

No where is the price of product or failure as high as it is in the aerospace industry. Failure of a satellite can cost hundreds of millions of dollars, while an aircraft instrument failure can cost incalculable value in the loss of lives. It is vital that the industry has absolute certainty in the integrity of their calibration.

Meticulous adherence to detail and comprehensive testing capabilities is the key to success. At Martin Calibration, we are experts in the rigorous certification requirements of the FAA and use NIST compliance rules and traceable standards to verify measuring and test equipment. Our individualized documentation process is designed to not just meet but exceed the exacting requirements enforced by regulatory scrutiny, providing both historical tracking and current calibration readouts of all your equipment and instrument check-ups. 

Aerospace calibration demands the utmost commitment to precision and quality assurance. At Martin Calibration, our goal is to protect your business from unwanted scrutiny, and guarantee that your tools transfer from one aircraft to another and one country to the next.

Our Locations Serving the Aerospace Industry

At Martin Calibration, we know your first priority is to your customers. We feel the same way about you. That is why one of our core values is our commitment to convenience and flexibility for our clients. Both our Minnesota and Illinois locations are equipped with the best accredited, experienced staff and the most comprehensive measuring and test equipment available to provide the highest level of service and support to the two largest aviation hubs in Northern midwest region. Send in your tools and we will have them back to you within days. Can’t live without your instruments? We will come to you. Quality customer service is part of the Martin Calibration pledge to you.

“Martin Calibration Has Provided Outstanding Service!

“I have been a Martin Calibration customer for over 20 yrs. During this time I have always received prompt, courteous and quality service. I would recommend Martin Calibration to any of my professional peers.”
— Charles N., Lead Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Equipment Maintenance
“Martin Calibration has provided outstanding service for my company in all our calibration needs; they go above and beyond for any requests I may have.”
— Nicole M., Quality Control
“Very accommodating and dependable, they have helped improve our calibration department to ensure our customers are satisfied with our calibration accuracy.”
— Sherri L., Quality Technician