Thanks to continual advancements in the aerospace industry as they relate to the design, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance of everything from aircraft to satellites, you need a trusted, certified metrology expert for the inspection and calibration of your measurement, test and control equipment.  You can rely on Martin Calibration’s team of experts to provide the confidence in your equipment when accuracy is mission-critical.

Medical Device

Technology has become a crucial component of today’s medical treatment. When the health and safety of your patients’ lives depends on the accuracy of your equipment, you can rely on our specialized metrologists to ensure your instruments and equipment perform with meticulous precision when it counts the most.


Pharmaceutical companies are under tremendous scrutiny these days, and accuracy has never been more important. When even a tiny variance can lead to a life-threatening situation for a patient, it’s vital to have complete confidence in the calibration of your equipment. Martin Calibration has the certifications needed and the necessary know-how to ensure your instruments provide exact precision.

Power Generation

With an ever-increasing population of both people and electronic appliances and machinery, the demand on today’s power generation plants is at an all time high. To ensure you can meet that demand, it is essential that your equipment and instruments perform at optimum capabilities and advanced accuracy.  Martin Calibration offers specialized, certified metrologists who can provide the resources, tools and support needed to secure supply success.

Precision Manufacturing

Ensuring that precision instruments are properly calibrated is critical to the quality assurance of manufacturing operations. A gauge that doesn’t read accurately and reliably can compromise the integrity of quality control, impact the manufacturing process and destroy faith in results. Just as your customers depend on you to provide turnkey parts that will work right the first time, you can depend on Martin Calibration to maintain your equipment with the same commitment to precision.