Calibration for the Power Generation Industry

Power plants struggle with numerous challenges in our modern world, not the least of which is the constant increased demand for supply from an increasingly connected, powered-up and turned-on population. Efficiency, plant safety, regulation and emissions control are all key factors in producing and regulating an ever-ready power supply. To ensure all these factors are diligently met, it is crucial that the staff at power plants can focus on their daily tasks, and not have to worry about whether or not their calibration and measurement on their equipment is reporting accurate numbers.

Martin Calibration has the expert calibration services to assist today’s power plant with maintaining and improving safety, as well as meeting the stringent national and international standards imposed by regulatory boards.

Proper calibration is also a matter of profitability. By implementing a regular schedule of calibration check-ups, the accuracy of vital measurements can be maintained at required levels and plants can increase their annual power production capability.

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