Calibration for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Concerns about prescription drug abuse have led to new regulations and restrictions and a laser-like focus on the medical community and pharmacies. Absolute confidence in the certainty of your equipment and tools has never been more important.

Martin Calibration partners with research and testing labs, manufacturers and other organizations in the pharmaceutical industry. Our commitment to quality, accuracy and service is unparalleled in the pharmaceutical industry because we know that that having complete confidence in your equipment is crucial. We provide mobile calibrations and inspections for microscopes and micrometers, thermometers and other instruments. We follow recognized industry best practices and are ISO/IEC 17025:2017(E) registered. All pharmaceutical calibrations, adjustments and validations are NIST-traceable and performed to ANAB-approved standards.

Why is Complete Calibration Confidence Important?

In the pharmaceutical industry, periodic instrument calibration is vital to ensuring your equipment is performing accurately and efficiently and is in compliance with FDA guidelines. Routine calibrations produce a verifiable “paper trail” that can confirm when equipment was last serviced and an important priority for audits and investigations into potential liability issues.

Most importantly, having complete calibration confidence in your pharmaceutical equipment offers peace of mind. With Martin Calibration, our regular calibration inspections and process will provide you with equipment you believe in and measurements you can trust. We strive to minimize uncertainties during testing and product development, speeding up the pace of research by eliminating outlying results and leading to more profitable and productive operations.

Our Locations Serving the Pharmaceutical Industry

At Martin Calibration, we know the importance of having partners you can count on to be there when you need them with minimal fuss or delay. This is why we have two midwest locations to provide you with the unparalleled service and quality you’ve come to rely on from Martin Calibration. Whether you prefer to have an on-site team of our metrology experts come to your lab or you choose to send your tools to our accredited ISO-17025 lab for adjustment, you can relax knowing that Martin Calibration is with you every step of the way.

“Martin Calibration Has Provided Outstanding Service!

“I have been a Martin Calibration customer for over 20 yrs. During this time I have always received prompt, courteous and quality service. I would recommend Martin Calibration to any of my professional peers.”
— Charles N., Lead Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Equipment Maintenance
“Martin Calibration has provided outstanding service for my company in all our calibration needs; they go above and beyond for any requests I may have.”
— Nicole M., Quality Control
“Very accommodating and dependable, they have helped improve our calibration department to ensure our customers are satisfied with our calibration accuracy.”
— Sherri L., Quality Technician