The Portable CMM Machine

A revolutionary solution to a complicated problem.

Utilizing advanced technology, software, design and electronics, the zCAT is manufactured as a compact, portable CMM machine that is fundamentally different than existing CMM technology, design and operation. From initial equipment ac­quisition through set-up, training and maintenance, the zCAT offers significant cost reductions without compromising measuring accuracy or performance.

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System Components

zCAT — 54-950-001-0

  • zCAT CMM — 4 Axes
  • ControlCAT Metrology Software
  • Renishaw TP20 Probe
  • Battery
  • Ethernet Communcation (WiFi optional)
  • I++ Software Interface
  • zCAT Wedge Excel Export Software
  • Training Part and Calibration Sphere
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Reusable Shipping Container
  • Standard 1-year Warranty


ControlCAT Metrology Software

  • Easy to Use Geometric Measurement Tool
  • Measures manually or DCC. Creates construction for most common geometrics including:
  • Plane
  • Sphere
  • Circle
  • Reference
  • Line
  • Angle
  • Slot
  • Cylinder
  • Point
  • PCD
  • Cone
  • Cloud
  • Reports actual and nominal information to Excel spreadsheet
  • Profram remembers geometry and plays back for repetitive part measurements

I++ Server Software

Optional MK$ zCAT Software gives zCAT advanced 3D capabilites including:

  • Automatic Measurement Routines
  • Powerful Interactive Graphics Window
  • 2D and 3D Inspection
  • DXF Data Import
  • Feature Construction
  • GD&T Dimensions and Tolerances
  • Teach & Learn Programming
  • Engineering Drawing GD&T Report
  • Simple PASS/FAIL Report
  • Real-time SPC
  • Export to DXF
  • And Much More!

zCat Specifications

Working Volume: X and Y 700mm diameter, Z 250mm
Diametral Accuracy (μm): 3.0 + (D / 100mm)
Linear Accuracy (μm): 5.0 + (L / 100mm)
Fixturing Accuracy Requirement: 5mm
Machine Speed: User controlled to 150 mmps
Machine Air Requirement: None required
Construction: Stainless steel for all structural components
Machine Power Requirements: 100-240 V AX+-10%, 50-60Hz
Battery Life: 4 hours with normal use, 3 hours at peak
Power Consumption: Peak 15 W, normal 10 W
Manual Motion Control: User controlled by hand movement of probe
Controller: Onboard PCB provides motion control, error mapping, I++ interface and ControlCAT metrology software
Temperature Compensation: Onboard monitoring and compensation
Probe Type: Renishaw TP20 probe
Machine Weight: 13.6kg, 30lbs
Machine Dimensions: (W x D x H) 420mm x 172mm x 620mm

Prices & specifications are subject to change without notice.

Learn more about the zCat here.