To our valued customers,

Martin Calibration has been in business since 1985, and since our founding, many trying times have come and gone. The COVID-19 outbreak is one of those instances. Realizing the magnitude of the situation, our management team has been reacting. We will continue to respond until the pandemic is no longer a threat to our customers or our employees. Since Friday, March 6th of this year, we have instituted a COVID-19 protocol for all of our employees and locations. This protocol is based strictly on the recommendations of the United States Centers for Disease Control, found here.

Our protocol includes the following:

  • Hand washing for at least 30 seconds immediately upon entry into all Martin’s facilities
  • Hand washing for 30 seconds throughout the business day
  • Avoiding contact with eyes, nose, or mouth
  • Intensive twice-a-day cleaning schedules using recommended solvents and agents in all common areas and laboratories at all Martin facilities
  • Proper social distancing
  • Staying away from the office when ill
  • Tracking of Field Service Technicians visits to customer sites and travel to minimize potential exposure and cross-contamination
  • Limiting access to Martin facilities
  • Multi-Shift and Split-Shift operations commencing to minimize cross-contamination
  • Asking employees to seek appropriate medical advice when illness occurs
  • Requiring doctor’s authorization to return to work once sickness has subsided

Additionally, both United Parcel Service and The United States Postal Services have provided some information on the handling of packages you might receive from us. While the CDC has found no direct link between shipped goods or their packaging and the transmission of COVID-19 we will be taking measures as necessary and we recommend reviewing the statements from both companies.

USPS Statement on Coronavirus

UPS Response to COVID-19

We have been fortunate that since the outbreak of COVID-19 none of our employees or locations have been directly affected. With that said, we appreciate your understanding of any scheduling delays due to our heightened awareness of illnesses and the utilization of proper goods handling protocols.