From now through September 30, 2020, get 10% OFF PLUS complimentary shipping & calibration on the QM Height and LH600 by Mitutoyo. Additionally, receive 5% OFF accessories during the month of September 2020.

QM-Height Gage: ABSOLUTE 1D Height Gage QM-Height Series

  • High-resolution ABSOLUTE linear encoder for position detection
  • High-accuracy: ±(2.4 + 2.1L / 600)μm
  • Pneumatic flotation system/positioning grip allows for smooth movement along surface plate (select models)
  • Large, stationary display panel with user-friendly icon control keys and go/no-go LED indicator
  • Digital and USB output: Supports Mitutoyo wireless SPC output
  • Fully compatible with existing Mitutoyo Digimatic peripherals (SPC cables, U-Wave wireless transmitters, multiplexers, etc.)
  • Battery life of 1200 hours in continuous use with four AA batteries, an improvement from 300 hours

High-Performance 2D Linear Height LH-600E

  • 0.1µm/1µinch resolution.
  • Excellent accuracy of (1.1+0.6L/600)µm with 0.4µm repeatability
  • Perpendicularity of 5µm and straightness of 4µm are guaranteed
  • Pneumatic full/semi-floating system
  • One-key operation for running a semi-automatic measurement
  • Measure hole diameters, gap distances, and even 2D measurements such as diagonal center to center distances
  • The origin can be set at the top of a surface plate, centerline, top or bottom surfaces, or peak top or bottom points on radii

Visit or see their QM Height and LH600 Promotion (PDF) for more information. Promotion effective September 1 – 30, 2020.

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