The Mitutoyo Virtual Experience

Experience Mitutoyo in an engaging 3-Dimensional, Interactive + Real-Time Environment

Mitutoyo America Corporation invites you to join them for their very 1st “LIVEVirtual Trade Show.

The 4-day event will give you the opportunity to participate in keynote sessions, live presentations, new product and service demonstrations, and virtual chats; all with a little bit of “fun” mixed in as well. We may not have the ability to have in-person contact these days, but you’ll still able to interact virtually, for now.

There will be a multitude of educational opportunities and “fun” occurring over the 4-day virtual event at the Mitutoyo showrooms throughout the country.

Date: October 20 – 23, 2020
Times: 9am-6pm CST
Where: Virtually, of course. Login Anywhere!

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